Supportive Counselling & Psychotherapy helping you through life's challenges; To face and consider new possibilities; new beginnings......

Life can be difficult and challenging at the best of times, but help and support is there.....

Consider some of the questions below and ask yourself do any apply to your present life circumstances?

  • Are you stressed within your relationship?
  • Are you feeling anxious or depressed?
  • Have you or are you experiencing loss/grief in some form?
  • Are you struggling with bullying?
  • Are you struggling with cultural differences?
  • Having difficulties at Home or in Work?
  • Suffering from Domestic Abuse, Emotional, Physical or Financial?
  • Feeling isolated and alone?
  • Going through the difficulties of Separation / Divorce?

These are only a glance at some issues and conflicts that one may be having difficulties with. If any of these or any other issues resonate with you then maybe it is time to give yourself a gift and reach out for support by trying counselling & therapy.

Addressing your inner conflicts and confusion through talking with a qualified therapist, provides the perfect trusting and confidential relationship. Through support and encouragement, this will create a safe environment that one can face their difficulties, together with a professional counsellor & therapist, to facilitate you on your road to discovery and awareness and the change this brings about for you.

My role as your Therapist and Counsellor is not to give you advice, but to help you gain more clarity and insight into the issues you present in order that you may become more aware of your choices. To serve communities, Counselling & Psychotherapy, , Co.Wicklow, is here to facilitate growth in oneself through better understandings.

The Therapy Services page may assist in understanding Counselling & Psychotherapy better, with relevant Mental Health issues explained, to give you some basic information that I work with. F